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the man behind the mission 

Hello, my name is Daniel Boyden, I am happily married and the father of 10 awesome children. I am the proud owner and operator of Veritas Tile Works. I started in the remodeling industry almost 24 years ago.

Over the years I have found a great love for bathroom and kitchen designs. I have been blessed with the ability to not only coordinate a project from conception to completion, but also be a hands-on craftsman in the details.


the mission behind the design

The mission behind Veritas Tile Works is:

  • to build relationships and get to know each individual client and their different styles and tastes, so that we can help create unique and personalized spaces for you and your family.

  • to bring timeless artistic ideas and creativity to your personal spaces.

  • to walk with each client through every step of their project, from inspiration & design, to contracting & installation, to the final details of completion. 

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